In Memory of Paul W. Hitchens

We Care About You!

I knew Paul for about 30 years as a fellow member of the McKeesport Rotisserie League. I will never forget the frequent calls about how he had a trade that would help me immensely. I always appreciated his enthusiasm and drive for bettering his team.

  • David Chemsack


Paul…so generous with his time, talent and humor… We lost a true friend and a great person.

  • Bob Hoffman


Paul loved to tease his family and friends. He would remember my foible and tease me years later, and I had to laugh just because it was so funny. I use to tease him back about all the law he had to forget and release in order to save brain storage to remember our foibles.
Paul worked hard. Paul cared much and helped other people. Paul laughed easily and often.

  • Bill Hornbeck

Paul was not only a Professional in his field of Law, but mostly trustworthy, always there when someone needed him. He was truly a confidant to all who knew him.

  • Linda Weinstein


He was an exceptional attorney, laid back, and with a relaxing sense of humor that quickly put all parties at ease during a transaction. He had a quick mind, and though we differed politically, I respected his thoughtful opinions and straightforwardness. He was definitely a Pittsburgher, proud of his hometown and a strong supporter of its sports teams. He was a gifted man of hidden talents and a good community servant.

  • Walt Smyth


I have known Paul for my entire life, and our mothers knew each other before either of us were born. I sang with him almost 50 years ago in the Greenock Methodist Church choir…. I can only say that his brilliant mind was always one step ahead of mine. He could figure out what I thought before I thought it.

  • Rob Xides


Paul was a consummate professional and I am proud to have known and worked with him for years. Always there if you needed him.

  • Robert Kowal